DF300 Table frame height adjustable electrically

DF300 Table frame height adjustable electrically

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DF300 Height-Adjustable Desk - healthy work

Many people's daily work is characterized by constant sitting - whether at a desk in front of a screen or sitting having lunch in the canteen. Misalignments and back pain often develop and constantly irritate - but not with us! Our DF300 Height Adjustable Desk brings your back into an upright position again and so allows you more ease of movement in your professional life. The best thing about it is thanks to the extremely powerful electric motor and the LED touch display, you can raise your table in seconds. Easier than ever.

You always have full control.

Are you one of those people who like to have the reins in hand mainitain full control? Then you are just like us. This is exactly why we have equipped the Height-Adjustable Desk DF300 with a smart LED touch display that allows you to determine the height of the table to the nearest centimeter. However, we wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we hadn't also built in a practical memory function and a unique timer on the DF300 that reminds you to maintain your posture at selected intervals.

Firing on all cylinders.

What do you think of when you hear the name SPORTSTECH? Exactly: revolutionary features, an appealing design and high quality paired with extraordinary performance. Of course, the DF300 Height Adjustable Desk Frame is no exception. Accordingly, we have equipped the stable, double telescopic column system with an extremely powerful electric motor, which provides amazing power and also effortlessly supports a maximum weight of 80kg - all with just one push of a button. It couldn't be more convenient.

SPORTSTECH DF300 - with its own memory

Everyone knows: after multiple adjustments you have finally found the perfect height for your desk that allows you to work ergonomically. But the joy only lasts for a short time, because work colleagues or family members have adjusted the table in your absence. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem with the SPORTSTECH DF300 Height Adjustable Desk and its intelligent memory function. Once you have found the right height, you simply save it. Up to 3 settings can be saved - convenience at the push of a button.

Relaxed working? Absolutely!

We want you to be able to work as comfortably as possible - without harming your health. Since safety always comes first, we have equipped the Height-Adjustable Desk Frame DF300 with an innovative anti-collision system. What does that mean? Simple: When it lowers, your new desk automatically detects unexpected resistance, stops immediately and moves up a little as if by magic. This measn there is no risk of pinching, wedging or damaging anything.

Constant Stability.

Some days there's just not much going on at work while on others, mountains of files pile up. Your desk is getting overloaded and the wood groans under the heavy weight. Does it sound familiar to you? Then apply the perfect remedy with the DF300 Height Adjustable Desk! This modern desk frame is equipped with two telescopic columns that do not taper upwards but rather downwards. Due to the high accuracy of fit, the system is particularly low-maintenance - you benefit from both enormous stability and durability.

Flexibility has a name: DF300.

Everyone is different. This is not only evident in our different jobs or skills but our tastes are also unique. Since this is a given, we have decided to give you pure freedom of choice. How? By designing the Height Adjustable Desk Frame DF300 to be as universal and adaptable as possible. No matter how wide, deep or high your table top is & what color it should be - the SPORTSTECH DF300 will definitely fit. Pure flexibility.

Ergonomic work for young and old.

Anyone who has children knows that they grow faster than one would like. Not only clothes, but also many everyday products, such as the desk, also have to be replaced frequently. But not the DF300. Once bought, the height-adjustable desk from SPORTSTECH simply grows with you. So it fits not only for every age group, but also for every occasion. Whether sitting, standing, running on the office treadmill or stepping on the mini cross trainer - this brilliant all-rounder is prepared for every challenge.

Limits? The DF300 knows none

Especially at the end of the week, many desks often resemble a battlefield. Dishes from past lunchtime snacks are piled up everywhere, letters waiting for an answer and files that should have been processed. If there's one thing you can't use in moments like this, it's the fear that your own desk will collapse under the strain. Its just perfect. therefore, that the the DF300 Height Adjustable Desk from SPORTSTECH can take whatever you stack on it easily - even up to a weight of 80kg.

SPORTSTECH DF300 & much more - test it now!

"The Height Adjustable Desk DF300 will revolutionize the way you work actively. It enables you to adopt a significantly healthier posture and the use of smart sports equipment during working day that improves your fitness and promotes your concentration at the same time. Would you like to check it out for yourself? Then just pop in to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich! Here you can not only test the DF300 to your heart's desire, but also choose the right fitness device for home & office! Whether vibration plate, mini cross trainer, balance pad or office treadmill - all of this and much more is just waiting to be discovered by you."

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