CX608 Crosstrainer

CX608 Crosstrainer

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CX608 Cross Trainer - Power and Design Optimally Combined

Are you looking for long term training options that will effectively melt away those unwanted love handles? Then a cross trainer is the perfect choice for you! The CX608 Cross Trainer combines modern design with intelligent features - for a successful all-over body workout. With a flywheel mass of 12kg, it boasts optimized synchronization and is easy to operate thanks to 8 manually adjustable resistance levels and multifunction console. App-compatible and with a whisper-quiet drive system, it is ideal for your home workouts.

Travel on real routes with Kinomap

Simple exercise on the cross trainer not enough for you? Are you looking for constant new challenges? Then you are going to love the app compatibility of the SPORTSTECH CX608 Cross Trainer. Simply connect the console to your smart device via Bluetooth and benefit from multiple additional features with Kinomap, such as multiplayer modes, live videos and real route data. It's super easy to use the app with the practical integrated tablet holder - and so motivate yourself to new top performances thanks to exciting and inspiring in-training entertainment.

Cross Trainer CX608: Fitness with momentum

A balanced running movement is the most important thing in order to achieve a natural and joint-friendly movement sequence when training with the cross trainer. To this end, the 12kg flywheel mass of the CX608 Cross Trainer has been designed in such a way that the training is carried out in an optimized synchronization without loss of performance - meaning you always train in the right rhythm. In combination with the drive pulley, the flywheel prevents unhealthy, jerky pedaling movements and thus enables a smooth and really pleasantly balanced workout.

Listen to your heart

Wondering how you can get more out of your cardio training? We know from many years of experience that in your perfect heart rate range, you train even more efficiently and improve your endurance sustainably! That is why we supply you with the perfect heart rate strap for your SPORTSTECH Cross Trainer CX608. With the smart device, your cardio data ​​can be tracked live on the display of your cross trainer thanks to heart rate strap compatibility and you always have your target heart rate in front of your eyes - greater motivation is hardly possible!

Smart console - the CX608 Cross Trainer.

If you want to train in a targeted manner, it is important to have an overview of all your important training data. This not only motivates you, but you also get to know your body and its capabilities better. It's good that the integrated multifunction console of the SPORTSTECH CX608 supports you and displays your speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories burned - so you retain full control during your workout and can efficiently take yourself to new top performances.

A question of attitude!

A varied workout is defined by new challenges - not only to you personally, but also to your muscles. In order to facilitate increasing difficulty in training, the SPORTSTECH CX608 has 8 manually adjustable resistance levels, which challenge you step by step and strengthen your endurance. Thanks to the rotary button under the console, the intensity can be easily and intuitively adjusted to the performance level - so this superb home fitness device is the right choice for both beginners and advanced users.

Modular assembly: the CX608 Cross Trainer

At SPORTSTECH, it is important to us that you enjoy your fitness equipment at home for the long term. That is why all of our products are not only equipped with innovative technologies, but are also made of high-quality materials. The CX608 Cross Trainer is equipped with a 3-part crank system, which impresses with its low weight. In addition, it is not only easy to assemble, but also easy to replace thanks to its modular design. So you are sure to enjoy your long-lasting Cross Trainer CX608 for many years.

Anti-slip, pro-security.

Above all, home fitness needs to be one thing: safe! This allows you to exercise at full throttle during your cardio training. The Cross Trainer CX608 boasts large anti-slip pedals offering you great grip and ensuring your feet enjoy maximum stability. This means that the SPORTSTECH CX608 Cross Trainer can be used flexibly for users uo to a maximum weight of 120 kg. In addition, you can make your workout extra comfortable thanks to the integrated drinking bottle holder, because - just like in the gym - you need everything at hand and so there's no reason to interrupt intensive training.

CX608 Cross Trainer: Magnetically good.

We have equipped the CX608 with a high-quality magnetic brake system, which is characterized by its even braking effect and low wear. That makes the SPORTSTECH Cross Trainer CX608 particularly low-maintenance - but that's not all! Thanks to practical transport wheels, it will definitely only make you sweat during training - because moving it is child's play and it can easily fit in every home! Thanks to the clever construction, you can make your combination training extremely home-friendly and convenient.

Impressive. Inside and out.

It's not just its slim, modern design that impresses across the board: the SPORTSTECH CX608 also delivers a real bonus during home workouts with its whisper-quiet grooved belt drive system. This ensures optimal synchronization with flowing movements - perfect for strength and endurance training that is gentle on the joints. In addition, you can train regardless of the time of day depending on your individual needs without having to worry that the noise will be distrubing someone. Treat yourself to premium sport sessions fully in accoradnce with your preferences!

Endurance + strength: The CX608 Cross Trainer

Do you finally want to train effectively at home and combine your intensive cardio session with strength training? An elliptical cross trainer is the perfect all-rounder because it trains both your endurance and the largest muscle groups in the whole body as well as being very easy on the joints. So it's a great entry-level device to improve fitness. Ourvibration plates VP250, VP300 and VP400 offer another effective type of full-body training. If you want to burn fat quickly and get all of your deep muscles stimulated, then innovative training with powerful vibrations is just right for you! Do you want to check things out for yourself live and actually test your new fitness equipment first? Then visit us in one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich!

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