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AH300 Dumbbells

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Smart Power-training: The AH300 20kg and 30kg Dumbbells

Would you like to enjoy effective but varied strength training at home? Then the AH300 20 kg and 30 kg Dumbbell set is perfect for you with its 2-in-1 function. The dumbbells can be easily converted into a barbell taking no time at all - ensuring an extra varied workout! With the high-quality 2.5 kg and 1.25 kg weight plates and anti-slip handles, you can set your own individual training goals. Removable silicone covers protect your floor even during intensive training. You are sure to achieve all your training goals with both the Dumbbells 20kg AH300 and the Dumbbells 30kg AH300!

High Quality Iron, Long-term Training

With all our SPORTSTECH products, it is vital to us that they are made from high-quality components so that you can use them effectively and enjoy them for a long time. That is why the dumbbell weights of the AH300 20 kg and 30 kg Dumbbells are made of refined, rust-free material. The top quality iron guarantees a long service life and the weight plates, with their charming retro look, provide a real gym-training feel. With these sturdy construction there are no limits to intensive full-body or isolation exercises with either the Dumbells 20kg AH300 or the Dumbbells 30kg AH300.

Firm Hold: the SPORTSTECH Ah200

Do you enjoy sweaty workouts that push you to your limit? Then the SPORTSTECH 30kg AH300 Dumbbell set is your perfect training partner - sturdy and user-friendly, built to stand even the most even intensive workouts. This is guaranteed by the coated anti-slip handle, which offers you the ideal grip to ensure safe training. In addition to being non-slip, it also impresses with its long-term, comfortable grip for maximum powerful training. The Dumbells 30kg AH300 allows you only focus on one thing: your fitness goals!

Star Feature? Converted in a minute!

The barbell on both the Dumbbells 20kg AH300 and the Dumbbells 30kg AH300 are very easy to adjust thanks to an innovative screw system. Simply unscrew the sturdy iron weights on one side, insert the connecting tube between them and secure again with weight plates. The weights are firmly connected to each other with the practical star lock which ensures extra safe training in your own gym. The bar of the dumbbell set has a standardized diameter of 30 mm, so that other weight plates can be easily combined with the SPORTSTECH AH300 20kg and 30kg Dumbbells.

Safety First: Dumbbells 30 kg Ah200

As you know, we at SPORTSTECH attach great importance to quality and durability. In order to optimally protect your floor and the AH300 20 kg and 30 kg Dumbbell set, we have equipped each weight plate with a silicone cover. The durable coverings adapt perfectly to the weights and reliably protect your surface from scratches and dents. In addition, they are particularly hard-wearing and removable, so that you can simply use them individually depending on your training preferences or put themto one side - the choice is yours.

Individually and Differently Weighted

With the AH300 20 kg and 30 kg Dumbbell set you get different weight plates of 2.5 kg and 1.25 kg - for individual training units. Depending on whether you are a beginner or a professional - you can use the clever screw system to adjust your dumbbells and barbell to the desired training intensity and your level of fitness in just a flash. Changing weights on both the Dumbbells 20kg AH300 and the Dumbbells 30kg AH300 is particularly easy and safe thanks to the silicone border and star fasteners, so that you can now make your strength training more efficient than ever before.

2-in-1 SPORTSTECH 20kg Ah200

Do you want to train your whole body - with just one device? The AH300 20kg and 30kg Dumbbells are perfect for optimal muscle building - and being both dumbbells and barbells you combine the advantages of both types of training. Auxiliary muscles from other areas of the body are also engaged during isolation exercises - this is what makes dumbbell training so effective. The barbell is particularly suitable for even biceps training, squats or powerful bench presses. So nothing stands in the way of your maximum muscle growth!

Effective full body training

Two dumbbells are also a real muscle booster when used in different ways. Grab your SPORTSTECH 20 kg AH300 Dumbbell set and swap between lateral raises, squats, triceps training and chest presses. What's the benefit? You can quickly see if one side of the body is weaker than the other and can work better to correct the imbalance in the muscles. In addition, the range of motion in your exercises with the Dumbells 20kg AH300 is wide and you benefit accordingly from unlimited training possibilities.

Dumb and Barbells SPORTSTECH AH300

With their well thought-out design components, the SPORTSTECH 20kg AH300 and the SPORTSTECH 30kg AH300 offer multiple possibilities for a truly effective home workout. In addition, thanks to the dumbbell and barbell options, the AH300 20kg and 30kg Dumbbells are multifunctional and can be stowed away in seconds and take up almost no space at all. Are you always looking for new challenges for your strength training? Then you have come to the right place at SPORTSTECH! Test yourself by checking out our range of pull-up bars, multi-gyms or ab and back trainers - the full and exciting selection awaits you in our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich. Come and put our products through their paces!

Technical Data

General Dimensions

Packing size (LxWxH)

54.5x45.5x9 / 54.5x45.5x12.5

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Length Barbell Bar (LxWxH)


Net Weight Dumbbell/Barbell

20 / 30 kg

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