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X100-B Exercise-Bike

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The X100B Exercise Bike - for Extreme Space-Saving Workouts

Would you like to train effectively at home, but have limited space available? No problem with the X100B Exercise Bike from SPORTSTECH! This smart space saving device comes with innovative folding function and can be assembled and dismantled in seconds. Thanks to the intelligent dual drawstring system and the ergonomic saddle that can be adjusted to 8 levels with extra-soft padding, you benefit from efficient, premium-class power workouts. The included power ropes offer additional variety with the SPORTSTECH X100B and bring you to a new fitness level.

Best Entertainment: The SPORTSTECH X100B

If you want to get in shape at home and place great value on good entertainment, then this ultra-modern Exercise Bike X100B is absolutely perfect for you! Why? Thanks to the large LCD console with an ingenious tablet holder, you not only keep an eye on your training progress but at the same time, you also have your smart device constantly at hand. You can watch videos and films during your workout or simply listen to your favorite music. Boredom is a thing of the past with the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike X100B.

One Console. Full Data.

We at SPORTSTECH want you to train as effectively as possible with your home fitness equipment. This is precisely why we have equipped the X100B Exercise Bike with a clearly laid out and super easy-to-use multifunctional console. This reliably shows you all your important training data such as calories burned, the distance covered, your pulse, the current speed and the elapsed time as well as the total distance covered so far - so you always keep an eye on your training progress!

Training at Home? Safety First!

One thing that is very important to us is your safety. Only if you train with full peace of mind will you be able to fully focus on your workout. This is why the X100B Exercise Bike has high-quality, size-adjustable anti-slip pedals. The easily adjustable safety buckles and the additional ribbing on the treads reliably prevent your feet from slipping. Get on, pedal and progress safely towards your training goal in record time!

X100B Exercise Bike: Just the Job.

Safety in training is important. Comfort, however, should not of course be neglected either. After all, extensive training sessions on the exercise bike can quickly become uncomfortable. But we wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we had just left it with the anti-slip pedals. Instead, we literally go one step further: The SPORTSTECH X100B boasts 4-stage height-adjustable comfort saddle, you benefit from maximum safety and a pleasant training experience even during the most extensive workouts - without pain!

Perfect Symbiosis: Strength meets Endurance.

With the modern SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike X100B, everyone really gets their money's worth. Not convinced? Then take a look at its clever features! The revolutionary, extremely compact ergometer means you will no longer merely experience effective cardio training. At the same time, you can use the intelligent and low-maintenance Power Ropes to strengthen your upper body muscles and build muscles efficiently. This is how you combine endurance and strength training and enjoy a welcome change and variety in each of your training sessions.

Time for the Truth!

Do you want to train like a pro? Then you should listen to your heart - in the truest sense of the word! Because what high-performance athletes have known for years - you can now use in your workouts: In order to offer you a training with the maximum possible efficiency, we have equipped the X100B Exercise Bike with precise hand pulse sensors. This makes pulse-oriented training possible in the perfect heart rate range - with sustainable training progress as a result. Of course, you always have your cardio data ​​in view on the console.

The X100B: Really Gets Things Moving.

Space plays a particularly important role when training at home. After all, not everyone has the space to buy an entire gym. To ensure you enjoy flexibility and can use your fitness equipment wherever you can find space, we have given the SPORTSTECH X100B Exercise Bike practical transport wheels. Simply lift it upright, wheel it to the desired location in next to no time and start training - home training has rarely been this easy, comfortable and fully mobile!

3 Good Reasons for You.

When working out on the exercise bike, three things are essential: Safety, comfort and your own health - the X100B Exercise Bike takes them all into account. This is ensured not only by the modern anti-slip pedals or the comfortably adjustable sports saddle, but also by a 3-part bottom bracket with high-quality ball bearings. Designed to be particularly robust, it offers you a smooth sequence of movements and a sustainable training experience. The best thing about it is you don't have to re-grease the bottom bracket - leaving you completely free to enjoy your training experience!

The design? Truly Breathtaking!

It is the passion for detail and the love for sport that you can feel in every SPORTSTECH product. Our fitness-loving sports scientists put all their creative ideas and a lot of heart and soul into the development of unique fitness miracles, which boast revolutionary features, noble designs and high quality. The Exercise Bike X100B therefore combines all these properties in one device and truly impresses by ensuring a long-lasting great training feeling with every workout you do - no exceptions. You just have to experience it.

What Can We Say: It's Simply Brilliant.

The SPORTSTECH X100B speaks for itself - and whispers too! Since we only use high-quality materials, we did not save on the drive either. The stylish home trainer has a modern, extremely quiet belt drive that enables an almost silent workout - perfect for fitness training in your own four walls! However, the low volume is not the only advantage: At the same time, the power of the pedals is optimally transferred to the flywheel, which ensures a pleasant and smooth run.

Stop and Go? Can be fun too!

Smart features are the trademark of SPORTSTECH. So it is not surprising that the X100B Exercise Bike does not come with a conventional brake. Instead, we have installed a strong permanent magnet that controls the braking effect evenly and quietly. What's genius is that the desired resistance can be regulated quickly, easily and, above all, step-free - with the help of a simple rotary knob. In this way, you retain full control at all times and benefit from whisper-quiet, efficient, cutting-edge workouts.

Store the X100B - Perfect Fold-up.

At SPORTSTECH we only have one goal: We want everyone without exception to exercise in their own four walls, strengthen their strength and endurance and thus live healthier in the long term - regardless of how much space they have at home. For this reason, we have designed the X100B Exercise Bike to be as space-saving as possible. Thanks to the ingenious folding system, it can be folded up quickly and easily. You can stow it wherever you want - and it will certainly not get in the way of you or your training success!

Take the X100B Exercise Bike test!

Ergonomic training has captured your interest but you are not yet sure whether the X100B is the right choice? Then take a look at sportstech.de and compare it with other models such as the ESX500 or the ES600! In our wide range of products, there is sure to be something suitable for you. Still wanting somethinig more? Then come to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich, take the SPORTSTECH X100B ergometer test and get professional advice. You are sure to make the right choice and experience highly effective, top-class and long-lasting training pleasure.

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