RBX500 Fitness bands

RBX500 Fitness bands

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RBX500 Resistance Bands - for next generation home training

Do you think it takes heavy dumbbells to effectively challenge your body, build muscle mass and thus become fitter in the long term? Then let us tell you one thing: You're on the wrong track! Why? Because all you need is your own body weight and these ultra-modern RBX500 Resistance Bands from SPORTSTECH. From demanding strength training to relaxing yoga and Pilates exercises or efficient stretching exercises - thanks to the practical transport bag, you really do always have your new training partner with you!

Full body workouts simply rethought.

If you want to strengthen your muscles, improve your fitness or just want to feel good all round, then the Resisance Bands RBX500 are definitely the right thing for you! Why? Simple: This ingenious offers you five smart mini fitness devices in different intensities. With the help of these multifunctional resistance bands, you can benefit from a demanding full-body workout and reach your goals in no time - regardless of whether you want to lose weight, gain strength or do a hip lift.

Only 5 bands. Infinite possibilities.

What's the best thing about the SPORTSTECH RBX500? The five resistance bands offer training in a variety intensities from easy to extra strong resistance. Becuase of this, everyone can adapt the fitness bands to their training level - regardless of whether they are an experienced professional or a complete beginner. Newbies experience supportive rehab workouts, do mind-activating Pilates and yoga exercises or strengthen their arm muscles with light strength training. Professionals, on the other hand, reach their limits with intensive leg, knee or upper body workouts.

Diverse training for absolutely everyone.

Another particularly great advantage of the fitness bands is the enormous variety of possible uses. With the RBX500 Resistance Bands, children, adults and seniors alike enjoy flexibility that is second to none. Whether to support physiotherapy, to strengthen the training effect in your fitness workout or as a smart gimmick on the yoga mat - the unique sports bands simply cover all functions optimally. And thanks to its compact size and low weight, you can always take it along with you!

Only perfect is good enough for you.

Revolutionary ideas, smart features and extremely high quality - you think of all of these when you hear the name SPORTSTECH. Of course, the Resistance Bands RBX500 are no exception! These practical training bands are made from 100% recyclable, naturally non-toxic natural rubber. As a result, these brilliant little fitness aids feel extremely comfortable on your skin and are also non-slip. This means, you can fully focus on your full body workout - without loosing your footing.

Simply train anytime & anywhere.

A lot of fitness equipemnt has the problem that it can only be used at home. Well that's fine when it rains outside and you don't feel like leaving the house anyway. In good weather, however, you often feel a longing to go outside. It's especially practical that you can simply pack the RBX500 Resistance Bands and off you can go wherever you want! It just doesn't matter at all whether you want to train in the living room at home, during your lunch break in the office or in the fresh air. Simply a great feeling!

Stand up to stress without any problems.

Did we already mention that the RBX500 Resistance Bands - as with all SPORTSTECH products - only use high-quality materials? Yes? Very good, then you already know that you can look forward to a pleasant and, above all, long-lasting training experience! However, we forgot one point: the enormous durability of these exercise bands. The particularly fine workmanship makes the bands extremely tear-resistant and resilient. This makes them perfect for extensive training sessions - without needing any weights!

All exercises - at a single glance.

Professionals usually know exactly which exercises to perform in order to achieve the desired training goal. But with the multitude of variations, even the most experienced athlete forgets one or the other movement. We don't want that to happen to you. That's why we deliver a practical training poster in XXL format for you. This way you get helpful training tips at a glance and learn a few tricks at the same time. Beginners and advanced users benefit from the enormous knowledge of our fitness experts.

Just pack, tie and go.

So that you always have your new favorite training partner with you and carrying it around is always easy and safe, you get a handy transport bag included. The compact bag is not only practical, however, it also reliably protects the SPORTSTECH RBX500 Resistance Bands made of premium natural rubber against external influences and excessive exposure to the sun. This means you can always have this discreet sports equipment with you and benefit from a particularly long-lasting training experience - whenever and wherever you want!

Perfectly combined with the vibration plate.

Would you like to increase the already enormous training effect of your fitness bands, accelerate the process and achieve your training goals much faster? Then you should combine the SPORTSTECH RBX500 with one of our vibration plates, such as the VX350, VP250, VP300 or VP400! Thanks to their revolutionary oscillation technology with smart vibrations, they also stimulate your muscles and in this way strengthen the whole body muscles and coordination at the same time - for an increase in performance in a class of its own!

Experience the RBX500 Resistance Bands now!

"If you are one of those people who would like to put a product through its paces before buying it, then be assured that SPORTSTECH is the right address for you. Our stunning brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich give you all the time and oppoprtunity you want. Drop by today, take the RBX500 Resistance Bands test and let our experienced experts advise you. Who knows, maybe there is one or other of our other impressive products that is pefect for you, such as our treadmills, ergometers or cross trainers. We are looking forward to your visit! "

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