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FPR350 Power Rack

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Train like real professionals - with the FPR350 Power Rack


Are you ready for next generation fitness workouts? Then provide for steel-hard muscles with unique rung training, pull-ups, dips, lat pulldown exercises and tough barbell training! How? With the FPR350 Power Rack from SPORTSTECH. Thanks to the smart rung attachment, the integrated pull-up bar, dip station and the professional lat pulldown with snap hook and two handles provided, you really have everything you need. Even power workouts with a barbell are child's play with the stable barbell rack.

Perfectly designed, easy to use

A strong back, broad shoulders and a hardened upper body - this is the dream of many fitness fans. The lat pulldown makes this dream come true in no time at all. For this reason we have given the Power Rack FPR350 a state-of-the-art lat pulldown system. The highlight: We put the necessary weights and two different handles directly on top. Want more? Then you will like the extremely strong snap hook. This allows you to attach any handle of your choice in seconds - for maximum variety and choice.

Climb from level to level to level.

Do you know what's really ingenious about the SPORTSTECH FPR350? The unique rung attachment for demanding rung training. This new style of effective strength training offers you a wide range of possibilities. You can not only do classic pull-ups or chin-ups but also climb towards your fitness - almost like a real ninja fighter - with every rung. This way, your workout will be even more efficient and you will benefit from a bucket load of extra training fun - not forgetting amazing muscles.

Lower cable pull - it couldn't be smarter.

We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we hadn't pulled out all the stops with the FPR350 Power Rack. It will hardly surprise you then, that the modern lat pulldown can do a lot more than you might think at first glance. You can actually easily turn it around and use it as a lower cable pull. What's brilliant about that? It means you expand your training plan with countless possibilities! How about rows, efficient biceps curls, kickbacks or deadlifts, for example? You really are spoiled for choice!

Dips until you drop - thanks to the dip station

Do you long for a powerful, muscular, athletic upper body? Then dips should be 100% part of your training plan. While it is a simple exercise, you can effectively train your large pectoral muscles, the triceps, the knurled muscles and the front part of the deltoid muscle. So it's perfect that the Power Rack FPR350 has a smart integrated dip station that can be individually adapted to your needs. This ensures that nothing stands in the way of demanding strength training - and the results follow quickly.

Hit the iron with the bench press.

The bench press has always been one of the supreme disciplines in fitness and weight training - and for good reasons. It was clear to us that the FPR350 Power Rack needed an extremely stable barbell rack. What's really ingenious about it is that the shelf is height-adjustable. This allows you to adapt it as you wish. With the separate weight bench from SPORTSTECH you not only benefit from efficient bench presses but it also makes squats easier and safer than ever before. So what are you waiting for? Pumping iron is the order of the day!

Squats & stretching made easy.

Ideally, the entire body should be trained during a fitness workout. Squats are simply part of it. The right protection is particularly important here. What else is important? Extensive stretching! This allows you to achieve long-term success and actively prevent injuries. So that your workout is as effective and safe as possible, we designed the SPORTSTECH FPR350 with extra shelves. These are super stable and adjustable in height. This will make your squats and stretching exercises much easier.

Would you like more variety?

Is classic fitness equipment is not enough for you? Do you want even more options and are you looking for pure flexibility? Then you have made the perfect choice with the FPR350 Power Rack! Why? Because we have given this smart fitness miracle a practical holder for your power ropes as well as fitness and even terra bands. This means that within seconds, you can attach your fitness accessories to the lower end of the multi-gym - and then you can start immediately. So you can easily expand your training plan with multiple other self-weight exercises!

High quality accessories. From SPORTSTECH.

At SPORTSTECH, it is very important to us that you benefit from an all-round perfect training experience. Having right accessories is an integral part of that. We didn't give it a second thought and designed the FPR350 Power Rack with two high-quality handles and the right snap hook for your lat pulldown system. This ensures that you're not just restricted to a few limited training variations but you can expand your multi-gym at any time - in just a few seconds. Really smart, right?

Safety first - with the FPR350 Power Rack.

Safety always comes first and that's especially important when training at home. After all, nothing should go wrong when you train alone. That is why we designed the SPORTSTECH FPR350 with stable ground anchoring. You benefit from peace of mind thanks to its fixed installation in the floor ensuring enormous stability and allowing a carefree training experience - both now and in to the future. All you have to do is drill the holes, anchor your training station using the screws provided and you can start your workout.

Power Rack FPR350 & more - test it now!

Are you already enthusiastic about the countless advantages of the FPR350 Power Rack, but would you like to check them out live before you buy? We totally get it and this is exactly why we launched our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. In our stores, you can put all our amazing products through their paces and get advice from our experienced staff. Whether it's a multi-gym, rowing machine, speed bike, weight bench, vibration plate or so much more - you're sure to find a product that is just perfect for you!

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