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KS270 Pull-up bar

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The KS270 Pull-Up Bar - Maximum Innovation and Flexibility

Are you looking for a pull-up bar that you can assemble without screws and be fully flexible? Then you can use the KS270 Pull-Up Bar to transform your home into a top-class home gym. The innovative gear lock function in combination with the uniquely wide padding ensures a high level of security when fixing to the door frame. And what's even better? With a user weight of up to 200kg and a flexible width between 70-90 cm, you can enjoy almost unlimited possibilities for effective strength training.

Gear lock technology for your safety

Most people experience tension or pain in their neck and back, especially after a stressful day at the office. After that, who has the time and energy to go to the gym? With the Pull-Up Bar KS270 you bring a multifunctional fitness device home - and thanks to the innovative thread lock it is super easy and firmly fixed. Simply tighten the safety lock and you're done! Nothing stands in the way of carefree and safe training.

For extra grip: the KS270 Pull-Up Bar

We designed our SPORTSTECH door pull-up bar to be suitable for door frames - the extra-wide rubber pads ensure maximum safety without the use of screws. Their friction surfaces of 23 x 7.3 x 0.6 cm keep your fitness equipment safe and reliable in the desired position. Experience the added security when you turn your home into your personal fitness studio and at the same time benefit from the flexibility to attach your pull-up bar anywhere else at any time. Versatility redefined - from SPORTSTECH!

Special anti-slip coating

Your safety during traning is our top priority at SPORTSTECH and so the Pull-Up Bar KS270 boasts wide padding on the actual pull-up bar as well as being covered with a no-slip coating. This always ensures a stable hold on the surface of the door frame and the telescopic rod cannot slip. This not only prevents damage to the frame but also ensures you enjoy training with your super flexible KS270 Pull-Up Bar for a particularly long time.

KS270 Pull-Up Bar: Open the door & start

It has never been so easy! The SPORTSTECH KS270 does not require any complicated assembly. Thanks to the infinitely variable adjustment, simply place it at the right height in the door frame, twist it apart, fix the safety lock - and get started right away! Only work up a sweat during your workout and not while trying to negotiate some complex fixing system. This means you get to fully focus on your fitness goals with absolute peace of mind!

Everything under control

You think that's all? Not at SPORTSTECH, because we always equip our products with many additional smart features! With the clever anti-slip handles, you won't lose your grip even during a sweaty workout! The handles of the KS270 Pull-Up Bar are covered with 2 layers of sweat-absorbing plastic, which is also especially non-slip. This encloses the sturdy metal bar and ensures an extra secure grip hold - leaving you free to really work out during your training!

KS270 Pull-Up Bar - flexibility 2.0

Your training at home has never been so flexible - just put your new pull-up bar exactly where you are! Our Pull-Up Bar KS270 is designed with a telescopic rod so that it can be mounted in stable door frames with a width of 70-90 cm. Thanks to their compact design, you can use the SPORTSTECH door Pull-Up Bars anywhere at home or even take them with you on vacation - for your bespoke next generation workout!

For real heavyweights

We want people of all ages and weights to be able to stay fit and healthy. You might think that the SPORTSTECH KS270 could not support loads up to 200 kg. Well, you'd be wrong! Thanks to the intelligent construction and clever features, the KS270 Pull-Up Bar is extremely stable. Made of high quality material, you benefit from a long-lasting product that will definitely not let you down. Whether feather or heavyweight - this pull-up bar can take it easily!

Countless training possibilities

Strength training doesn't have to be one-sided! There's more to our smart, compact pull-up bar than you might think. Whether classic pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups or various stretching exercises - the KS270 door Pull-Up Bar supports you in a variety of ways to ensure a varied workout. To insire you to try various traning options and benefit from the best execution to acheive the most effective strength training possible, you will receive an e-book with SPORTSTECH KS270 showing you how to get started immediately and get benefitting immediately too!

The KS270 Pull-Up Bar & much more

Would you like to test the Pull-Up Bar KS270 in person and check out the impressive selection of innovative SPORTSTECH products? Experience our full range of versatile home sports and home traning equipment, such as the HGX200 multi-gym or the 8-in-1 weight bench BRT500, or the 2-in-1 dumbbell set AH300. Take your time to explore our online shop or stop by one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich. We look forward to seeing you!

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