KS350 Pull-up bar

KS350 Pull-up bar

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KS350 Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar- safe pull-ups & much more

Many people long to do effective muscle training at home to increase physical fitness and benefit from long-lasting health. The KS350 Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar makes this easier than ever before. This state-of-the-art multifunctional trainer with three grip positions, smart eyelets for attaching other sports equipment and its bomb-proof wall mounting with revolutionary Easy-Folding-System, enables space-saving and varied full-body workouts that are second to none.

A SPORTSTECH KS350. Varied exercises.

If there is one thing that is of particular importance in strength training in addition to the right intensity, it is variety. This is because your muscles quickly get used to frequently set stimuli. So if you do the same exercises over and over again, your development will quickly flat-line. That is why we designed the SPORTSTECH KS350 to be truly intelligent. It combines the advantages of a pull-up bar with those of a dip bar and gives you three variable grip positions for successful muscle growth.

Two left hands? No problem!

Some people are technically gifted, while others are not. We at SPORTSTECH know that. Nevertheless, we want everyone, without exception, to enjoy a carefree training experience. Therefore, in addition to the appropriate tools, such as heavy-duty anchors and high-performance screws, we also provide you with an extremely convenient drilling template for the SPORTSTECH KS350 and have created an easy-to-follow assembly video for you. Simply placethe template, make appropriate markings and start drilling - very easy, quick and safe.

Boredom is a thing of the past!

If classic pull-ups or simple dips are not enough for you and you simply need more to challenge your body and train effectively, then the Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar KS350 is the right choice for you. This innovative all-rounder offers you an almost endless amount of training options. Thanks to the integrated eyelets, you can attach a punch bag, sling trainer, power ropes or gymnastics rings in seconds and significantly increase your range of exercise options. No chance to get bored.

KS350 Pull-Up Bar. Simply folds.

We at SPORTSTECH have only one goal: Everyone should train at home, improve their fitness and be able to live healthier for the long term. The fact that space at home is often limited is foremost in our minds as we design products. We work daily to create compact fitness miracles like the KS350 Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar that enable workouts anytime & anywhere. This modern home sports equipment has an intelligent folding system meaning that it can be folded up and out again in just 3 steps - guaranteed never to egt in your way.

As always, the following is paramount: Safety First!

When you hear the name SPORTSTECH, you think of unique features, well thought-out designs and extremely high quality. The Pull-Up Bar Wall Mounted KS350 from SPORTSTECH is no exception. Since your safety is paramount, we have designed the fitness machine with an extra stable triangular structure made of solid steel and deliver a high-quality fastening set - consisting of 8 heavy-duty anchors including safety screws. 3-layer foam handles also ensure a secure hold during every workout.

A real world heavyweight champion.

When developing the SPORTSTECH Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar KS350, it quickly became clear to us that it absolutely had to have a wall bracket to ensure as many people as possible are to be able to get their bodies in shape with our home fitness equipment. So, your new training partner can easily withstand a whopping 150kg maximum weight - regardless of whether you are doing pull-ups or dips, punishing the punching bag or performing efficient gymnastics. This is how you benefit from effective home workouts for maximum fitness.

The KS350 & more - test them now, live!

The KS350 Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar by SPORTSTECH is exactly what you were looking for: This compact multifunctional trainer enables you to do a truly flexible, varied and at the same time extremely effective power workout to strengthen all your body muscles. Would you like to check it out for yourself? Then pop in to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich and take the KS350 test! While you are there, take a look at our wide range of products and expand your home gym equipment - from cross trainers and speed bikes to weight benches and multi-gyms, we have everything to make your heart beat faster.

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