KS500 Pull-Up Bar

KS500 Pull-Up Bar

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The KS500 Pull-Up Bar - for the finest fitness workouts

Are you looking for a compact home fitness device that enables you to do efficient full-body training? Then the KS500 Pull-Up Bar from SPORTSTECH is the perfect choice! This modern 4-in-1 multifunctional wonder, including power ropes, e-book and a dip bar, is perfect for classic pull-ups, push-ups, dips and sit-ups are no problem. Thanks to three variable grip positions, each exercise style is more effective than ever. One truly special advantage is that the door bar is delivered pre-assembled and is fixed to the door frame in seconds.

SPORTSTECH KS500 - push-ups, dips & more

Simple pull-ups aren't enough for you? Would you like to get more out of your workouts and jump from fitness level to fitness level at record speed? Then be assured that the Pull Up Bar KS500 is the true object of your desire. This compact all-rounder actually replaces four different pieces of sports equipment - for example, you can turn it into an effective dip station in no time at all. How? By hanging the dip holder on the pull-up bar attached to the door frame. Sounds easy? It is! So you can start your workout in seconds!

Get a V-shape easily with the KS500

If you dream of a well-trained body that will captivate everyone with its V-shape, the SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar KS500 brings you closer to your goal than ever before because this modern pull-up bar offers you top-class back training. How? Because the three different grip positions enable a workout in a close-fitting, shoulder-less and extra-wide posture. As a result, you use a large part of your upper body muscles and effectively train your arms, shoulders, stomach and back.

Fitness workout cubed - with power ropes

SPORTSTECH - the name has always stood for breathtaking designs, exquisite quality and groundbreaking functions. This time, too, we live up to our name by adding additional resistance bands to the KS500 Pull-Up Bar. These are not only quick and easy to attach, they also provide that extra bit of variety that was missing from your workout. This means you are free to expand the range of your traning options to alomst limitless possibilities. Training successes and target achievements are not long in coming.

Assembled & stowed away in no time.

Admittedly: Ultra-compact exercise bikes are our secret passion. So it's not surprising that what we think is the best thing about the state-of-the-art Pull-Up Bar KS500 is, of course, its uniquely space-saving design. Thanks to the revolutionary Easy Folding technology, this smart all-rounder can be folded into a handy size device in just a few simple steps. This is not only extremely fast, but also enables you to stow it anywhere you want, safetly and out of your way until you need it again.

Quality that inspires you.

At SPORTSTECH, we want you to enjoy an unforgettable training experience anytime, anywhere. Of course, that extra dose of comfort shouldn't be missing. Accordingly, we have equipped the SPORTSTECH KS500 with specially padded handles. The high-quality upholstery is not only tear-resistant, but also offers you an extremely safe anti-slip effect because the material is breathable, absorbs your sweat and ensures a firm hold at all times even during particularly strenuous workouts. Safety comes first.

KS500 Pull-Up Bar in a combi-pack

What experienced professional athletes already know is more and more in the knowledge of recreational athletes i.e. variety is the be-all and end-all for effective fitness training. This is the best way you can constantly set new stimuli and challenge your muscles. That's why we offer you everything you need to build muscle with the combination of a KS500 Pull-Up Bar including a dip station, practical power ropes and high-quality door protectors. And if that weren't enough, there is also an e-book with practical exercise tips and fitness tricks. Simply brilliant.

Unpack. Attach. Train.

If there is one thing that frustrates us all, it is when you receive a new piece of sports equipment and then you then have to assemble everything yourself in painstaking detail. For this reason, it quickly became clear to us that the SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar KS500 had to be different. Accordingly, the unique fitness device arrives at you pre-assembled. All you have to do is unfold the pull-up bar, mount it in a door frame with a width of 69 to 101cm and your workout can start. Fitness training really can be that easy.

Hard training? But for sure!

Do you know what we find particularly stunning about the SPORTSTECH KS500? That fact that we have succeeded in developing special protectors that do not scratch the door frame even during the most extensive workout. Best of all, you can adjust the width very flexibly and adapt it to your door frame. Once installed, you can start your workout worry-free and fully focus on the correct execution of your movements. After training, you simply dismantle the pull-up bar without leaving any trace or mark- as if nothing had happened.

Pull-Up Bar KS500 & more - test it for yourself!

Are you are one of those people who like to check out a new piece of home sports equipment before they buy it? Then you feel like us. Because we understand how you feel, we launched our brand stores where you can put our available products through their paces and get advice from our experienced experts. So if you want to try out the KS500 Pull-Up Bar or take a look at our other fitness equipment such as weight benches, multi-gyms or gravity trainers, then just drop by one of our stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich. We are looking forward to your visit!

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