KS550 Pull-up bar

KS550 Pull-up bar

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The KS550 Pull-Up Bar - Strength Training with the Wow Factor.

Are you looking for a new challenge for the ultimate experience in varied home strength training? Well, no need to look any further - the smart KS550 Pull-Up Bar really impresses with its flexibility and enormous versatility! Thanks to the extra-wide handlebar and intelligent fastening eyelet for fitness accessories, there are absolutely no limits to your workout ideas. The best bit? You get Power Ropes as well! The easy use design saves you any assembly stress and with the well thought-out folding mechanism, this intelligent space saver can be stowed away in a flash.

Your training, your rules.

No doubt you have clear ideas of what home fitness equipment should be like: It should be stable and of high quality, take up as little space as possible and be suitable for versatile workouts. We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we didn't combine all these factors in our door Pull-Up Bar KS550. The compact KS550 enables classics such as pull-ups, push-ups and triceps exercises. Moreover, you can experience the pleasure of full-body workouts with smart back and abdominal training as well as exercises with your favorite fitness accessories, all attached to the clever fastening ring!

More is more: the SPORTSTECH KS550

Small device packing a big punch? The door Pull-Up Bar KS550 is precisely that! Simply use the practical fastening eyelet for your individual fitness equipment - for example power ropes, sling trainers or even a punching bag. As you surely know, comprehensive muscle stimuli give your strength training the right boost - and long-term success naturally follows. Turn your pull-up bar into a multifunctional fitness miracle in no time at all - and experience a full body workout that ensures the muscles are stimulated with extra-intensity.

Flat and flatter, KS550.

Our product developers at SPORTSTECH always find clever ideas to make our high-quality sports equipment as compact as possible. But they are particularly proud of the folding mechanism of the SPORTSTECH KS550! Why? Because this home trainer can be folded up extra flat and compact within just seconds, leaving you a free choice - stow your pull-up bar under the couch or simply lean it against the wall. By doing so, nothing stands in your way and you can easily reach the next fitness level!

Door + Pull-Up Bar = KS550

All you need to attach your new KS550 Pull-Up Bar is a door frame. You heard right! Thanks to the brilliantly designed holder, you can easily hang your door bar into your door frame without screws or any tools. You only need 1.5 to 2cm of space and the KS550 is immediately ready for use. The crossbar lies firmly on the other side of your door frame - this reliably prevents slipping and you benefit from reliable safety and security during your home workout.

You have everything under control here.

Do you want to encourage your body to perform at its best and experience intense workout sessions? Then you need a stable foundation! This is why the KS550 SPORTSTECH door Pull-Up Bar has 6 foam handles that offer you a strong hold in each of your grip positions. Thanks to the use of breathable materials and a special powder coating, the upholstery is not only comfortable, but also really non-slip and moisture-repellent. Your hands are optimally protected and you can start your training at full throttle.

KS550 Pull-Up Bar & power ropes

We want to revolutionize your home workout experience. For this reason we have decided to deliver a set of power ropes with your door Pull-Up Bar KS550. Keeping our promise, this means your training on the pull-up bar will be even more varied! Simply attach it to the multifunctional fastening ring and train your arm or leg muscles with renewed high intensity. If this challenge is not enough for you, you can optionally purchase a dip station that can be easily attached to your KS550 - why not!

Protectively safe and secure.

Carefree training is guaranteed with our unique door protectors. Annoying streaks or scratches on the door frame are a thing of the past. You simply slide it around the cross brace of the SPORTSTECH KS550 on both sides and then easily adjust it to the width of your door frame. This reliably prevents dirt residues and wear and tear in your workout area and at the same time you enjoy the freedom of an extra-wide handlebar for effective, diverse exercise variations. Simply smart. Simply SPORTSTECH.

KS550 Pull-Up Bar: Taking the strain!

Like all of our fitness equipment, the door Pull-Up Bar KS550 is made of particularly high-quality materials. To ensure as many sports enthusiasts as possible can enjoy long-term training fun with our pull-up bar, the robust device can also withstand heavy loads - up to a maximum weight of 150kg. So don't worry if your muscles grow immeasurably after all those intense workouts - the SPORTSTECH KS550 can take it all. Push yourself to the limit!

Complex assembly? Not necessary!

When you have decided on a new fitness device, you usually only want one thing: to test it thoroughly in your first workout and as soon as possible. So that you don't lose time, we deliver your new KS550 SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar completely pre-assembled. The highlight? Thanks to the specially developed door hook, you only need to unpack your training device, unfold it and hook it into your door frame - it doesn't get any faster or easier! Get started right away and make your muscles glow with your favorite exercises.

Test train yourself in our Brand Stores!

Would you like even more? Then you now have the opportunity to test the KS550 Pull-Up Bar on site in any of our brand stores in Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf! This means you can not only put your new training partner through its paces, but also receive competent advice from our employees at the same time. In this way you will find exactly the sports equipment that suits you and you can also take a look at our entire product range including our other pull-up bars or our innovative dumbbell sets and much much more: Hurry along to us! We are looking forward to your visit!

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