KS700 Pull-Up Bar

KS700 Pull-Up Bar

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The KS700 Pull-Up Bar - total effective strength training

Upper arm muscles like steel, a washboard stomach and shoulders like a closet - with the KS700 Pull-Up Bar, all of this is within reach. How? Because this modern 2-in-1 fitness device is a pull-up bar and dip bar in one. It enables you to do efficient full-body workouts that easily take you to the next fitness level. The best thing about it? The plug-in bar is not only ideal for use at home, but is also perfect for outdoor training sessions at any location of your choice. So you can now get in shape anytime & anywhere.

SPORTSTECH KS700 - Diversity redefined

Which muscle group would you like to target today? With the SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar KS700 you are spoiled for choice. This multifunctional all-rounder offers you exactly the training variety you deserve with more than 40 different exercise options. To enable you to easily supplement your workout with extensive accessories - how about gym rings, a jump rope or power ropes, for example? Attached in a matter of seconds, you no need to tolerate any limits to your training. Your muscles are smiling!

Your own gym - wherever you want.

At SPORTSTECH, it is very important to us that you remain flexible at all times. This is precisely why we have developed the Pull-Up Bar KS700 to be a compact fitness all-rounder that can be used not only at home but also on the go. No matter where you are or what you are in the mood - the SPORTSTECH KS700 is the supreme reliable training partner by your side. Set up your fitness station wherever your heart's desire leads you - whether on a tree, lamp post or a flagpole. Always safe & stable.

Asking for even more variety?

A pull-up and dip bar isn't enough for you? Well, how perfect is it then that you can use the SPORTSTECH KS700 with additional resistance bands in no time at all. What's the benefit for you? Well, you get to expand your training program with other beneficial strength exercises that you can only do with the help of your own body weight. From effective upper or forearm to chest and back training or stretching exercises, all doors are open to you. And of course the resistance bands can be used not only at home, but also on the go.

Stability has a name: KS700.

When we develop a new fitness device, one aspect is always in focus for us: We want as many people as possible to train at home or on the go and so improve their fitness and live healthier lives for many years ahead. For this reason, we only use high-quality and durable materials that offer you enormous stability and security during every workout. Accordingly, the KS700 Pull-Up Bar can easily withstand a weight of 150kg - now and in the future.

And so, you have everything you need.

What could be worse than buying fitness equipment only to find out that essential accessories are missing? Exactly, we thought so too! That's why it was clear to us from the start that in addition to the actual Pull-Up Bar KS700, we would also add a practical backpack for easy transport. In addition, there are stable mounting plates for installation on the wall as well as a tension belt with all necessary protection for quick installation at the location of your choice. The best thing is the pull-up bar can be easily disassembled and transported with no problems at all.

Comfortably padded. Simply good.

If you train your back, arms, shoulders or abdomen, it can quickly become exhausting and you start to sweat. So that you don't lose your footing even during the toughest workout and can continue to train fully focused, we have provided the KS700 Pull-Up Bar with special tear-resistant padding on the handles. This is not only extremely hard-wearing, it also absorbs your sweat and lets it evaporate in seconds. Every move is sure to be secure. It couldn't be better.

Strong back & impressive biceps.

Have you always dreamed of turning the heads of your fellow human beings with a well-toned back and wide upper arms? Then you should grip the SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar KS700 shoulder-width apart during your workout, tense your abdominal muscles and slowly pull yourself up. You are completely free to place your handle on the bar itself or parallel to the dip handle. The tighter your grip, the greater the strain on your biceps and middle back muscles. Hello, muscle building!

Broad chest & nice shoulders.

The big advantage of the SPORTSTECH KS700 is undoubtedly the dual function of pull-up bar and dip station. Why? Because you can train your entire upper body and also integrate effective chest and shoulder workouts into your training program. All you have to do is turn the pull-up bar 180 °, attach it to the desired training location and you can start with effective dips. Which muscle group you focus on is up to you - every option open to you. Awesome, isn't it?

Sore today - but not tomorrow. Promise!

Has constantly sitting at work left its mark and your back muscles are constantly strained and sore? Then tension and back pain shouldn't be alien to you! With the KS700 Pull-Up Bar, this is over now. Because the further you choose the grip during your workout, the more you train your back and abdominal muscles. This means you increase the stability of your trunk, relieve your spine and easily tackle problems of bad posture. Oh yes, of course it also looks good. Fitness can indeed be beautiful.

Train without limits - with the KS700.

You've probably already noticed but let us tell you again to be on the safe suide. With the SPORTSTECH Pull-Up Bar KS700, your fitness is really no longer limited. So you want to train your back, shoulders, upper and forearms or abdomen and promote muscle growth with weighted calisthenics or freeletic training? But also, efficient stretching exercises for sustainable training success should also be part of your training plan? Then the KS700 is the object of your desire. Just see for yourself!

KS700 & more - test it live on site now!

If you are one of those people who prefer to hold a product in their hands before buying it, then you are like the majority. We understand that well. That is exactly why we opened our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. In store, you can put a wide range of our sports and lifestyle equipment through its paces and get advice from our experienced experts. So try out the KS700 Pull-Up Bar yourself or take a look at our other fitness wonders such as weight benches, multi-gyms or gravity trainers. We are looking forward to your visit!

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