KS600 Pull-Up Bar + Dip Station

KS600 Pull-Up Bar + Dip Station

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Muscles as hard as steel with the KS600 Pull-up Bar & Dip Station

Wherever you look - people all over the world long for a beautiful, well-trained body. Unfortunately, many still think that an expensive fitness club membership is necessary for this. Everything you need is included in the KS600 Pull-up Bar + Dip Station from SPORTSTECH. This 6-in-1 multifunctional trainer, which can be loaded up to 150kg, allows you to do countless training variations that strengthen your entire upper body. The really ingenious thing about it is it can be easily attached to the door frame and quickly stowed away after use.

SPORTSTECH KS600: Three grip positions.

We want everyone to be able to train the way they want. That is why we work daily on the development of intelligent fitness equipment for the home, which impress with its elegant look, high quality and smart functions - including the Pull-up Bar + Dip Station KS600. With 3 grip positions and a diameter of 5cm each, it not only offers you a stable hold, it also allows you to do numerous pull-up variants flexibly - according to what you want. In this way you can target all of your back muscles with just one workout.

Full-body training made easy.

Are you looking for a compact piece of sports equipment that allows you to do an efficient whole body workout at home? Well - Congratulations, you've found it! Because the SPORTSTECH Pull-up Bar + Dip Station KS600 can do much more than just simple pull-ups. Simply incorporate the supplied resistance bands into your training and immediately significantly increase the variety exercises available to you! Whether back or arms, buttocks or legs - thanks to this multifunctional wonder there are really no limits to your fitness.

Diversity has a name: KS600.

Hardly any other home sports equipment is as versatile and flexible as the KS600 Pull-up bar + Dip Station with its 6 functions. Why do we say that? Simple: Because it's true! You can not only attach the compact all-rounder to the door frame in seconds, you can also dismantle it again just as quickly. In this way, the SPORTSTECH KS600 is ready for use in the shortest possible time and you can stow your training partner away in no time too so it never gets in your way but shows the way to true fitness and traning fun.

Experience the KS600 complete package!

We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we just sent you the KS600 Pull-up bar. Of course, we have spared no expense or effort this time and include in the pack the unique dip station and the revolutionary resistance bands. Both can be attached flexibly to the pull-up bar, which opens up completely new possibilities for your workout. You get to benefit from the classic all-round wellness package from SPORTSTECH - incredible successes will certainly not be long in coming.

Fit to withstand any load.

At SPORTSTECH we pursue one goal: Everyone should have the opportunity to train within their own four walls, thereby becoming fitter in the long term and living healthier over the long term - no exceptions. Accordingly, it was very important to us to make the KS600 Pull-up Bar + Dip Station as resilient as possible. The result: this compact fitness miracle can easily withstand a maximum user weight of up to 150kg. Particularly ingenious is that wall mounting is not necessary. It is flexibility redefined.

Typically SPORTSTECH: attention to detail.

Fitness equipment for the home has to bring two things: it has to be functional and enable the user to do the training they need, and it has to impress with its elegant look and high quality. The SPORTSTECH KS600 has both. Only high-quality materials are used here, which enable long-lasting and above all risk-free training fun. Our love for sport can be seen down to the smallest detail - for example by the smart cover flaps for each screw for your protection.

Test the KS600 Pull-up Bar & more now!

The KS600 Pull-up Bar from SPORTSTECH enables you to do an effective full-body workout just as you imagine it should be. Would you like to check it out for yourself? Then come to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich today and take the test! During your visit, you can also take a look at our other wide range of outstanding fitness equipment such as dumbbells, weight benches, multi-gyms or even treadmills, cross trainers, ergometers and rowing machines. Our experienced colleagues will be happy to advise you - so you are bound to find the product that's perfect for you! We look forward to your visit.

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