RJX200 Skipping Rope

RJX200 Skipping Rope

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Jump for joy - with the RJX200 Skipping Rope

Are you looking for a handy piece of sports equipment that enables you to have a fast and at the same time highly intensive, effective workout? Well then, congratulations - you've found it with the RJX200 Skipping Rope! This little training companion with its ingenious self-lock system not only fits comfortably in every bag, it also targets a large part of your body muscles in a very short time. As a result, you burn tons of calories and actively promote fat burning metabolism and muscle building - training fun included!

Flexible adjustment with the Self Lock System

Many skipping ropes have the problem that the length cannot be adjusted or can only be adjusted with great difficulty - not the SPORTSTECH RJX200. It allows you to easily adjust its length in seconds without the need for screws or scissors. How? Very simple: thanks to the revolutionary self lock system, the ends of the rope can be hidden in the handle with just one push of a button. It's quick and really easy. So you don't have to struggle with annoying loops and benefit from its fantastic flexibility.

Abrassive hold? Not the RJX200 Skipping Rope!

If you have ever trained with a skipping rope, you know that workouts can be an enormous burden - not only for you, but also for your sports equipment. The countless revolutions can put a lot of stress on the rope and in the worst case lead to signs of wear and abbrasive skin contact. So that this doesn't happen to you, we have given the RJX200 skipping rope high-quality ball bearings integrated in the handle. The smooth movements not only protect the material, but also makes your workout more pleasant than ever before.

RJX200 - for training at high speed

In skipping rope workouts, one factor plays the most important role: speed. The faster you jump, the more your entire musculoskeletal system is used. So that your training is as effective as possible and at the same time long-lasting, the SPORTSTECH RJX200 has high-quality and extremely robust steel cables, protected by an extra-thin layer of plastic. The skipping rope is not only more stable, but also heavier and more efficient than conventional models. This means you can train at a higher and higher speeds & increase your endurance.

Simply chic. Typical SPORTSTECH.

At SPORTSTECH, we have a simple philosophy: fitness equipment should also look really good. One look at the RJX200 Skipping Rope is enough to know what we mean. Why? Because we only use high-quality materials such as premium ball bearings or aluminum for the handles. We are convinced that you can only maintain high motivation during training in the long term if the look of your own fitness equipment inspires you again and again - and the RJX200 is all the proof needed.

Jump easily to the next fitness level!

Did you know that skipping rope workouts are more effective than many other sports? You heard right! For example, in just half an hour you burn 400 kcal - and activate all of your body muscles in the process. From your calves to your thighs to your back and upper arms, almost all major muscle groups are in motion. This means that every jump you make with the KS700 Skipping Rope builds up your muscles, trains your cardiovascular system and improves your endurance, balance and posture. Just awesome.

SPORTSTECH RJX200: true variety.

You think skipping rope jumping is monotonous? Then you are wrong! Because in reality, modern professional skipping ropes offer you an enormous variety of training options. We don't just mean that you can jump slowly or quickly. Instead, try crossing your arms or letting the rope swing twice under your feet. Also extremely effective is jumping on one leg or intensive interval training. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, child, advanced or professional boxer - the RJX200 Skipping Rope does everything.

It really couldn't be more space-efficient.

It's raining again outside, actually it's too cold anyway and guests will be coming in an hour… Are you one of those people who constantly find excuses why they can't train today? Well, that's over now because with the modern SPORTSTECH RJX200 you neither need space nor a lot of time and you are not bound by the weather. Just grab your jump rope and get started - just a few minutes are enough to stimulate your metabolism and get fitter with every jump. Excuses, goodbye!

Our brand stores are our think-tanks.

Would you like to try out the RJX200 Skipping Rope before buying? No problem, that's exactly why we launched our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich. Here you have the opportunity to experience our products up close, to put them through their paces and to get advice from our experienced experts. This is how you immerse yourself in the fabulous world of SPORTSTECH and with absolute certainty you will find the exact product that suits you. Pop in and see for yourself, we look forward to seeing you!

RJX200: Next Generation Fitness.

We live in a fast moving world. Many people have little time and find it difficult to integrate exercise into their everyday lives. But this is so important for your health. If you don't want to be one of these people with no time for fitness, get the RJX200 Skipping Rope from SPORTSTECH today and experience firsthand how you can improve your endurance, build muscles and simply feel more comfortable with just a few minutes of intensive daily exercise. One thing we can tell you - your health will thank you!

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