SX200 Speedbike

SX200 Speedbike

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SPORTSTECH SX200 Exercise Bike - Top Speed Fitness Training

Would you like to burn calories and improve your fitness with effective endurance training? Then you have made the right choice with the SX200 Exercise Bike from SPORTSTECH! This modern indoor bike with a balanced 22 kg flywheel, all-information display and preprogrammed training sessions, will quickly take you to a new fitness level. Thanks to the smart fitness app with live data, you can keep an eye on your training results at all times. Users with a weight of max. 125 kg benefit from long-lasting training success and improved stamina.

The SX200 Exercise Bike with smart features

Every athlete knows it: You are about to break the next record in a sweaty training session, but then you get thirsty. It's so annoying when you have to dismount and take a break. The SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 has an integrated bottle holder so drinking breaks are a thing of the past - and the right drinking bottle is included.

Fitness For All - Thanks to Top Quality

As with all SPORTSTECH products, only high-quality materials and innovative technology are used in the SX200 Exercise Bikes. We are convinced that everyone must have the opportunity to enjoy our wide range of products. This is exactly why we designed the Exercise Bike SX200 to be particularly stable and resilient. A maximum user weight of up to 125 kg is therefore no problem for modern sports equipment.

SX200 Exercise Bikes - Flexible Workouts

Would you like to vary your training location and not just pedal in the living room? We totally get that! This is precisely why we have provided the SX200 Exercise Bikes with integrated transport rollers, which ensure that the Ergo-Bike can be moved quickly and safely or stowed away. With the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 you benefit from its brilliantly space-saving design as well as enjoying extremely flexible cardio training!

Always Secure in the Saddle - holding grips

Training on the SX200 Exercise Bike really is the business - you break one record after another and easily cycle your way up to the next fitness level over exciting mountain stages. It is therefore extremely important never to lose sight of safety and to stay firmly in the saddle at all times! How? Quite simple: With a flexibly adjustable sports saddle and size-adjustable holding grips which, in combination with the smart anti-slip pedals, ensure that you don't lose your feet at any time!

Realistic & Demanding Cycling Fun

Are you an avid racing cyclist, but you don't always have the time and inclination to spend hours outdoors? No problem. Simply relocate your bike tour to your own home - with the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200! To ensure your training is just as demanding and, above all, as promising as you are used to from your racing bike, the 22 kg flywheel maintains a constant, natural and, above all, realistic movement that minimizes performance losses and is easy on your joints.

Easy. Comfortable. Training. SX200.

SX200 Exercise Bikes not only impresses with their outstanding technology but you will also be amazed at their well thought-out design elements which simplify their use and increase comfort and safety. This includes the padded armrests, which prevent pressure points on hands and arms even during the most extensive training session. In addition, there is the simply designed display, on which you can see all your important training data at a glance and at any time. This avoids distractions and you can fully focus on your workout!

Multimedia SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200

Do you want to keep an eye on your training results at all times and control the sports programs via your mobile devices? Then the app-compatible SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 is perfect for you. With the smart Bluetooth function and the integrated tablet holder, you remain in full control. Get on the saddle, step on the pedals and, together with SPORTSTECH and KINOMAP, peddle into a new generation of home fitness thanks to live videos, coaching and multiplayer sessions! This is precisely how to bring the whole world of cycling into your very own home.

Maximum Efficiency: thanks to the heart rate strap.

Professionals and experienced recreational athletes have long known that the right heart rate is crucial for a maximally efficient cardio workout. For this reason we have not only installed integrated hand pulse sensors, but we also designed the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 to be compatible with the heart rate strap. With the separately available pulse strap, you have the option of continuously measuring your heart rate and training in the optimal pulse range. This is not only fun, it is also particularly effective and safe.

Simply stylish. Typical SPORTSTECH

We want everyone with innovative fitness equipment for the home to be able to do their own training exercises in order to live fitter and healthier lives and for the long term. We not only attach great importance to smart features, intelligent functions and high-quality materials - we also constantly focus on design. We are convinced that sports equipment should not only be functional, but must also look good - just like the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 which is fits wonderfully as a stylish decorative piece in and of itself!

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Do you want to convince yourself of the smart functions and the innovative design of the SX200 Exercise Bikes, or are you interested in other products such as a treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine? Then just drop by our brand store in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich and give the SPORTSTECH Exercise Bike SX200 your own test!

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leather & PU foaming material

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bothway iron flywheel/22kg




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