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SX500 Speedbike

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SPORTSTECH SX500 Indoor Bike - elegance meets speed.

Indoor cycling is the latest trend because the training builds the leg muscles, improves endurance and helps you lose weight – all offered by the SX500 Indoor Bike from SPORTSTECH! With a balanced 25kg flywheel and a whisper-quiet, low-maintenance belt drive, the indoor bike is the perfect training partner for anyone weighing up to 150kg. The app-compatible console with Google Maps function makes connecting to your mobile device child's play. This is how you get your pulse racing exactly in the way you want!

Energized Training? Indoor Bike SX500!

In order to make your workout as comfortable as possible, we have equipped the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX500 with a high-quality, impressive 25kg flywheel. This ensures an evenly quiet and extremely clean concentricity. This avoids annoying vibrations – and removes the risk of irregular or missteps. What does that mean for you? Simple: You can now fully focus on your workout and, thanks to SPORTSTECH, you can now train like a real professional.

On to new horizons – thanks to the Kinomap-App.

Many people often lack variety when doing fitness training within their own four walls - because they simply lack the right equipment. But with the SX500 Indoor Bike you will definitely not get bored. What makes us so sure? Because you can easily connect this modern home sports equipment with the Kinomap app, allowing you to explore the global routes around the world and compete with others in real-time and multiplayer modes. The best thing about it is thanks to the streaming function, you can experience all of this on your Smart TV!

Here today and there tomorrow? Sure, why not!

We know that not everyone has the space at home to build a full gym. However, to ensure that you can still benefit from effective cardio training and sustainably strengthen your endurance and health, we have equipped the Indoor Bike SX500 with integrated transport wheels. In this way, you not only get to move this smart sports equipment easily to the desired training location, but also stow it aside after your workout in no time at all. It neither gets in your way or the way of you achieving your training goals.

SX500 Indoor Bike : Worry-free Training.

Training on the SX500 Indoor Bike can quickly become sweaty – which is as it should be for the efficient improvement of your fitness. It doesn't matter how hard you train, however, you will certainly not slip off the SPORTSTECH SX500 even during the most extensive work-out! This is because of the smart anti-slip pedals. These brilliantly designed universal pedals have adjustable holding baskets and the tried and tested SPD click mechanism. So nothing stands in the way of a demanding workout wearing your pedaling shoes - just like a real professional.

Saddle up, please!

When exercising on the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX500, the correct sitting position is essential. This is the only way to train effectively and, above all, healthily over the long term. We are aware that every person is unique - not only in terms of their personality, but also their physique. So that you can always maintain the correct posture, the comfortable sports saddle and the handle are adjustable in height and angle. You can quickly adapt them to you and your needs - simply smart.

Workout in maximum comfort.

As if the flexibly adjustable saddle and the intelligent handles weren't enough, we've also given the SX500 Indoor Bike additional, specially padded, armrests. The advantage is clear: You can easily relieve your upper body during your workout by leaning on the upholstery - and thanks to the comfortable upholstery, pressure pain in arms and hands is reliably prevented. This leaves you to fully focus on your training session without the need to worry about anything else at all.

Push button control.

Do you want to see something particularly smart? Then take a look at the intelligent rotary button on the Indoor Bike SX500! What's so special about it? We'll tell you: With the rotary button, you not only continuously control the resistance - and thus the intensity of your training - but also reliably brake the flywheel with it. The 2-in-1 button enables you to have an extremely individual, optimal training experience with enormous security because in any emergency, a simple push of a button is enough to bring your sports equipment to a complete standstill.

SX500: Effective and whisper-quiet workouts.

The high-quality belt drive ensures that the power is optimally transferred from the pedals to the flywheel. But that's not all. Compared to conventional drives, the Indoor Bike SX500 is also extremely quiet and low-maintenance - and is therefore perfect for efficient workouts in the home fitness area. No matter what time of day you exercise, your roommates or neighbors will not hear you. So you can focus on your training completely carefree and reach new fitness levels in the shortest possible time.

Next Generation Fitness Training.

In order to make your training even more effective in the future and rely on an accurate measurement of your heart rate, the SX500 Indoor Bike has been designed to be compatible with the heart rate strap. In this way, you can take advantage in the same way that professional athletes all over the world have been doing for many years: You can use the available pulse strap to optimally align your training with your target heart rate and benefit from an extremely efficient next-generation training experience. Success won’t be long in coming.

Take the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX500 Test!

Do you want to check out the high quality and the smart functions of the SX500 Indoor Bikes for yourself, or compare them with other models like the SX100, SX400 and SX600? Then pop in to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich, take the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX500 test and get top professional advice from our staff! We look forward to you.

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