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SX600 Speedbike

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SX600 Indoor Bike - a whole new feeling of speed

Do you love the feeling when your thighs hurt and sweat constantly drips down your forehead? Then you will like our SX600 Indoor Bike! With a 26 kg flywheel, this extra-quiet indoor bike boasts a smart magnetic brake system and app-compatible multimedia console, offering you truly unbelievable power. Cool features give you a next-generation training experience - and thanks to its futuristic design, you can easily integrate your fitness equipment into your home. Experience workout sessions that will literally take your breath away!

Get your circulation going.

Are you wondering why speed bikes like the SPORTSTECH SX600 are becoming more and more popular? Simple: They catapult you to a new fitness level within a very short space of time! Just like a racing bike, you benefit from its amazing and joint-friendly movement. The 26 kg flywheel always ensures optimal concentricity and smooth, comfortable high-end workouts. Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an old hand - on the Indoor Bike SX600 you will keep improving both your endurance and your muscles.

For real winners: the SX600 Indoor Bike

Long endurance rides are not enough for you? Do you want to push yourself to the absolute limit of your performance? We can understand that very well. This is precisely why we gave the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX600 a challenging competition mode. Your advantage: You experience challenges that fire up your drive and ambition. With the extra portion of motivation you can achieve what you never thought possible - and improve from session to session. The 3-in-1 sports handlebar for sporty aero positions makes you feel like a real professional!

Rock’n’Roll rethought.

We know that not everyone has the opportunity to build their own home gym at home. But don't let that stop you from doing effective cardio exercise! It's not surprising then, that the Indoor Bike SPORTSTECH SX600 has integrated transport wheels. Why is that so awesome? Because you can move your training station to the location of your choice in seconds - or simply move your fitness equipment at home after your workout where it definitely won't be in your way.

Mind your step? No need!

A workout on the SX600 Indoor Bike can really hit all the right spots. Of course, your safety is our top priority. So that every step is safe and you can focus on your training goal, we have provided the pedals with intelligent holding baskets. In combination with the sporty SPD click technology, you benefit from absolute control even at the highest speeds. The ingenious thing about it: You not only accelerate when pedaling down, but also when pedaling up - and you set one speed record after the other.

Your comfort is our job.

At SPORTSTECH, we completely know you want to experience the next generation of fitness workouts that take your breath away. At the same time, you attach great importance to a comfortable driving experience. That is why it was clear to us from the start that comfort should not be neglected. For this very reason, the Indoor Bike SX600 has a specially padded sports saddle. This can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. This means that you will easily and always find the right position and you are ready for optimal training in every way.

Fast-paced action & extra-quiet driving fun

There is one thing of particular importance when exercising at home - noise. After all, you want to protect the ears of your roommates and neighbors or watch your favorite series in a relaxed manner. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and innovative technology, this is now easier than ever before. Because the 32-stage, computer-controlled magnetic brake system and the ingenious belt drive enable you to do top-class workouts. Experience a natural driving experience with the SPORTSTECH SX600 - and always remain as quiet as a mouse!

Unique multimedia console

Do you want to push your muscles to their limits and would you like a little extra something on your fitness equipment? Then a little variety can't hurt! Perfect thenthat the SPORTSTECH Indoor Bike SX600 has a high-resolution 7 “ android display. But that's not all: thanks to the smart integrated tablet holder, you also have your smart device ready at all times. Simply connect via Bluetooth and use the many advantages of the FitShow app - or stream your music and videos via the USB function. It's your choice!

Sportstech meets Kinomap.

Having your own sports equipment at home has many advantages, for example, you are not dependent on the weather - and you save yourself the trip to the gym. But sometimes exercise is not enough. You want more. You want to compete against the best riders in the world, discover the most beautiful racing bike routes in the world or let a fitness trainer spur you on to top performance. Thanks to the combination of Sportstech and the Kinomap app, this is now easy - and thanks to the streaming function, it can all be viewed on your big screen! It couldn't be more real.

Indoor bike with star potential.

Do you want to improve your fitness, look better and live healthier way in to the future? The SX600 Indoor Bike enables you to do all of this - and much more! 6 virtual backdrop modes that trandform you out of your living room to the most beautiful places in the world ensure maximum variety. Is that not enough for you? Then the smart HRC mode for heart rate-based workouts or the 3 countdown modes may be more to your taste. Or could it be the watt mode and the 12 pre-set training programs? You decide!

SX600 Indoor Bike & more - test it now!

The Indoor Bike SX600 with its cool features and stylish appearance brings you easily to a new level of fitness. Do you want to check it our for yourself before you buy it? Then just stop by one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich! Let our experienced colleagues advise you and compare the SX600 with our other speed bikes, such as the SX100, SX200, SX400 or SX500. Maybe you prefer a treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer or vibration plate instead? Whatever you need - you will find it with us!

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