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Dumbbells are a compact gym and everything you need to get your body in top shape.

What to consider when buying dumbbells and weights

Dumbbells are the most basic fitness equipment. Even the ancient Greeks used the precursors of modern dumbbells and barbells to train their bodies for the Olympic Games. Even today, there is no more effective and versatile fitness equipment for building a well-toned body than dumbbells. The secret of dumbbells is their simplicity: a bar with changeable weights attached at the end.

That's all what you need for dozens of exercises for the whole body. No matter whether you want a strong chest, mighty thighs or handsome upper arms - with a high-quality set of barbells and dumbbells, your dream body is just a few drops of sweat away. However, if you want to buy dumbbells, you should pay attention to following things, because they make the difference.

Common types of dumbbells

Different types of Dumbbells and weights are available. The major difference between dumbbell variants is the shape of the bar. It determines for which body parts and exercises you can use dumbbells for your fitness training.

  • Dumbbells: The short dumbbell is the classic among dumbbells. With a length of around 30 centimetres, this multi-functional exercise equipment is suitable for almost all exercises from head to toe. Since you have to use both arms separately for many exercises, the demand on inter- and intramuscular coordination increases and vital. In addition, one-sided weaknesses (muscular imbalances) become apparent more quickly.
  • Barbells: Barbells are designed for complex exercises and heavy weights. Whether squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rowing or bicep curls. With the barbells, which are usually between 100 and 160 cm long, you are in the best position. Apart from the standard bars, the market also offers standardised Olympic dumbbells for ambitious sports person. Practical are adjustable barbells such as the SPORTSTECH dumbbell set AH300.
  • SZ dumbbells: The SZ dumbbell bar is a special mid-length bar (100-140 cm) that has a unique S-shape. These bars support the natural position of the wrists like many exercises for triceps and biceps. This is easy on the joints and ensures efficient muscle activity. Beginners or sports person who have problems with their wrists can also benefit from this.
  • Triceps dumbbell: The so-called triceps dumbbell is also a special dumbbell bar. It resembles a rectangle with several grip variations. Its shape is optimised for ergonomic triceps training. However, the triceps dumbbell is only for professionals.
  • Shrug bar: Similarly, with the so-called shrug bar. The barbell is shaped like a frame that goes around you during the workout. This ensures that the weights are exactly aligned with the body axis during heavy shrugs. This special bar is also only for fitness studios or ambitious hobby athletes.

Buying dumbbells and weights - the most important criteria

The shape of the dumbbell is only one purchase criterion that will help you choose the right dumbbells for fitness training. But you should also think about the material of the plates, the diameter of the dumbbell bars, the fasteners and the weights themselves in advance.

  1. Grip quality: An optimal grip is essential for the best possible power transfer during training. Dumbbells with rubberised grips or a textured grip surface (knurling) are better than models with simple metal surface.
  2. Diameter of the weight holders: In addition to the handle and its diameter, the diameter of the weight holders plays a vital role. Good dumbbells for fitness training should have a standard diameter of 28-30 mm. This way you won't have any problems if you buy additional weight plates to increase the intensity of your workout. If the diameter is too large, plates with a standard hole of 30 or 31 mm will no longer fit in the bar. If the diameter is even smaller, the weights can move and rattle during workout.
  3. Fasteners: A secure grip on the bar is the basic requirement for an effective workout. Star locks offer an ideal fit, as they can be firmly screwed. Such locks are also part of the SPORTSTECH AH300 dumbbell set. Othersie, you can use dumbbells with classic spring locks. Although, they are more prone to slipping with heavier weights, but offers faster change of weight plates.
  4. Material of the weight plates: Weight plates are made of materials such as cast iron, steel, solid plastic or plastic filled with sand or concrete. The highest quality weight plates are made of cast iron and steel. Thanks to the high density, the plates are compact despite their heavy weight. This leaves more space on the barbell bar for additional weight plates. Weights made of plastic or filled plastic are thicker and have a significantly larger volume. This means that less weight fits on dumbbells and barbells. Especially with dumbbells, large plastic discs make handling the dumbbells more difficult for many exercises.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about dumbbell training

As fitness equipment, dumbbells do not disappoint you . Why are dumbbells and weights so effective? Who should buy dumbbells? and what distinguishes dumbbell training from training on machines and weight stations? We summarise the most important points for you.

For whom dumbbells are suitable?

High-quality dumbbells are suitable for every person. It doesn't matter whether you want to build muscles, improve your fitness or lose weight. Especially in combination of diets, many athletes make the mistake of focusing only on endurance training.

Dumbells reduces body weight, but without muscles to give the body an athletic figure, the body will never look athletic. The minimal space requirements also make dumbbells and weights perfect for home workouts. And that's regardless of age or level of experience.

Which muscles can I train with dumbbells and barbells?

You can train your whole body with just a pair of dumbbells. Along with a barbell bar, the range of exercises is even more. So you have dozens of exercises to strengthen your body from your calves to your neck.

What else do I need?

No additional equipment is necessary to get started with dumbbell training. Additional weight plates are recommended after sometime. This way you can constantly increase the demands on your body and keep up with your performance growth. Training becomes even more comfortable and versatile with a high-quality weight bench.

What is the difference between weight training and machine training?

The big difference is that when training on machines, the movement is guided by the equipment. This is not the case with free weight training. This has the advantage that your muscles not only have to guide the dumbbells and weights, but also stabilise them at the same time. This promotes the cooperation of the different muscles (intermuscular coordination) to a much greater extent.

At the same time, large muscle fibres and smaller auxiliary muscles are active, which are left out in machine training. That results in more muscle growth, higher increase in strength, and natural functional load on the muscles. Although, free weight training requires a lot of discipline to learn the correct technique, otherwise there is a risk of overload and injury.

Intelligent Buy dumbbells at SPORTSTECH

Which dumbbells should I buy ? This question can be answered easily. Special dumbbells such as SZ, triceps and shrug bars are primarily aimed for advanced and professional users, dumbbells and barbells are the basic equipment for everyone. The clever AH300 dumbbell set from SPORTSTECH is practical in this respect.

Thanks to a connection piece included, you can turn the two dumbbells into a heavy-duty barbell instantly. This saves space and allows for versatile workout. In this way, it doesn't rattle even at peak moments in training. The included cast iron discs are equipped with a removable silicone protector. Best of all is the AH300 dumbbell set is available with a weight of 20 or 30 kilograms.

Do you have any further questions about weight training or are you looking for the right accessories for effective free weight training? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and let us advise you free of charge. The shipping of dumbbells to your home is also free of charge.