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The F31 Treadmill - professional fitness in your own home

Would you like to take big steps towards the next fitness level? Do you attach great importance to high speeds, smart features and convenient operation? Then the F31 Treadmill will win your heart in no time! With a full 16km/h top speed, even ambitious runners get their money's worth. The app-compatible LCD console with 12 training programs, a tablet and drink holder, the innovative self-lubricating function and the wide 5-layer running surface also ensure maximum training fun and pure comfort.

On to the next mountain stage!

When training on the treadmill, one thing is particularly important: the right incline - because the steeper the angle of incline, the more strenuous - and therefore more effective - the workout. How good that the Treadmill F31 reaches an incline angle of up to 15%. In this way, you can make your fitness training even more varied - and incorporate, for example, interval units or real mountain stages. The best thing about it is the higher incline means you burn significantly more calories. At the same time you improve your endurance and strengthen your leg muscles.

Everything runs like clockwork.

Many treadmills have one disadvantage: they require frequent maintenance and frequent disassembly for lubrication. Not so with the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F31. To make the operation as pleasant as possible for you, we have built in a revolutionary self-lubrication function. What's so special about it? Instead of taking everything apart, all you have to do is pour a few drops of our PL50 silicone oil into the small opening on the side of the treadmill on a regular basis. That's it! The liquid then distributes itself - slowly and evenly.

And the app works!

We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we had only paid attention to a stylish appearance with the F31 Treadmill. The functions are also impressive - such as the high-quality multifunctional console with 5 “display. The highlight is that you can connect your smart device to the modern fitness device within a few seconds. This ensures you always have all the important values ​​- such as the elapsed time, the calories consumed or the current speed - at hand. This provides a boost in motivation and you never lose sight of your fitness goals.

Treadmill F31 - for pure variety

We all know that long endurance runs are all well and good but sometimes it can be a little more action. Maybe you want to schedule short sprints or climb the next hill or really work out in demanding interval units. The 12 + 1 programs of the Treadmill F31 make this easier than ever before. Whether it's fat reduction, interval training or muscle building - find the workout tailored to your needs quickly and easily or adjust the treadmill flexibly according to your wishes. The choice is yours!

It just flies. Offline & Online.

Do you know what is particularly awesome about the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F31? The integrated wireless connection! In this way, for example, you can easily stream your favorite program during training and control everything very conveniently via your smartphone or tablet. We have integrated the right tablet holder for you so you benefit from the extra portion of entertainment and easily jump to the next fitness level with the concentrated variety of a real professional treadmill.

SPORTSTECH entertains you.

At SPORTSTECH, we attach great importance to ensuring that your training never gets boring. We know that your own favorite song in your ears can work real miracles and mobilize your last strength even during the most sweaty workout. That is why we have given the F31 Treadmill a powerful MP3 function and a modern AUX connection. Thanks to the integrated stereo speakers with the finest premium sound, you always have the soundtrack of your life in your ear. This way you can reach your fitness goals with ease - and with a lot of fun.

Train powerfully and as quiet as a whisper.

What is essential in a fitness machine for the home? Right: it has to be quiet because we usually want to train when others are sleeping - whether it's your own roommate or the neighbor below you. To make this possible for you without worries, only high-quality materials are used in the Treadmill F31. The powerful 4hp motor remains pleasantly quiet even at top speeds of up to 16km/h. This way you can lace up your running shoes whenever you want. It couldn't be better.

Protects bones, muscles and joints.

Your health is important to us. Precisely for this reason, it was clear to us from the start that your workouts had to be as comfortable and gentle on the joints as possible. This is made possible by our active 6-zone cushioning system and the 5-layer high-tech tread. The unbeatable duo ensures that your entire body is optimally supported while running. That saves your knees - and all other joints too. To round off the whole thing perfectly, the running surface is also particularly large at 1200 x 420. For pure training fun.

It just always works.

We know that not everyone has enough space at home to build their own home gym. Fortunately, thanks to the smart folding function of the F31 Treadmill, this is not necessary at all. With the ultra-modern, smartly integrated hydraulic system, you can fold your fitness equipment in no time at all. Then you can stow it away in no time, even in the smallest corner, thanks to the built-in transport rollers. As a result, it will certainly not get in the way of you and your fitness goals.

This gift comes from the heart.

If you ask professionals what is most important in cardio training, they will tell you: the heart rate! In fact, your pulse plays an extremely important role if you want to train effectively and efficiently and get fitter in the long term. For this reason we have come up with something and put the right heart rate belt on top of it. You can connect this to your SPORTSTECH Treadmill F31 within seconds - and train straight away. You always have your pulse in view and get the most out of your workout.

Take the Treadmill F31 test!

Are you already enthusiastic about the smart features and the appealing design of the F31 Treadmill, but would you like to take the Treadmill F31 test first before buying? Then just drop in to one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich! Here you can try out not only the F31, but many more of our treadmills as well as speed bikes, rowing machines, cross trainers, vibration plates and much more live. Our experienced employees are always at your side with advice and action. Together, we know we will find the perfect product just for you.

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