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Cardio Traning Renewed - the F37 Treadmill.

Would you like to continuously improve your fitness? Then the F37 Treadmill from SPORTSTECH is perfect for you - because the powerful 7hp motor easily allows you to reach top speeds of up to 20km/h. But that's not all: At the same time, you benefit from the 1300x500mm of running surface with 8-zone cushioning system and 5-layer running belt for comfortable cardio workouts. The whole thing is rounded off by the heart rate strap, compatible multimedia console with 12 training programs and Bluetooth, MP3 & USB connections. Simply brilliant.

Life in the fast lane.

We know that every little detail counts in fitness training. For your complete satisfaction, we have given the Treadmill F37 a 7.5 "LCD display allowing you to view all everything that matters. Maybe that#s not enough for you? Then the integrated Bluetooth & MP3 function as well as the USB connection will inspire you. There are also other smart features such as an automatic self-lubricating function, the practical tablet holder as well as compatibility with a heart rate strap. What's the next level of fitness? You've just found it!

Full throttle forward to your training goal.

Anyone who gets on a treadmill is looking for one thing above all else: the opportunity to switch between relaxed endurance runs and demanding sprints. The SPORTSTECH Treadmill F37 enables you to do just that. It doesn't matter whether you are a passionate marathon runner, a mountain climber or a master of the short distance - thanks to the top speed of 20km/h and an incline of up to 15%, everyone gets their money's worth. Just step up, use the 12 pre-installed programs or design your workout individually. The choice is yours!

F37 Treadmill: running in its purest form.

At SPORTSTECH we have an eye for detail. So it is not surprising that the F37 Treadmill also uses only the latest technology. Need proof? Then take a look at the revolutionary 8-zone cushioning system and the highly elastic treadmill surface which allows you to do an extremely comfortable, quiet cardio workout at home. Any annoying slipping of the running belt is reliably prevented. This ensures you benefit from a secure stance at all times - and worry-free training.

Easy. Clever. Expertly designed. Treadmill F37.

What's the best thing about the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F37? Clearly, it's the extremely high quality. As with all of our products, only high-quality materials have been used.This means you benefit from an effective, long-lasting training experience - now and in the future because we are convinced that you deserve only the best. That is why we are particularly pleased to be able to tell you that your new home fitness equipment is so stable that it can easily withstand a user weight of up to 150kg. Fitness for everyone? Done deal!

Ingenious: Innovative self-lubrication system.

There are things we can be really proud of. For example, the intelligent self-lubricating mechanism of the F37 Treadmill. Why? Simple. Because you no longer have to worry about the often time-consuming and annoying maintenance of your sports equipment. The days when you dismantle the treadmill or bend every-which-way to maintain it are finally over. Simply drip a few drops of silicone oil into the openings provided and your next workout can start. Sounds easy? Well It is!

Space to develop your running style.

With a treadmill, there is nothing worse than having the running surface too small. You can't get on with your normal sequence of movements without fear tripping over your own feet. So make sure this doesn't happen to you, we have designed the Treadmill F37 with an extra-large running belt (1300x500mm) for an extremely natural, free running feeling. The additional diamond stripe structure of the surface ensures enormous traction even during the toughest workout - and the side steps allow you to get on and off safely.

Like walking on clouds. The F37 Treadmill.

Of course, we want you to benefit from effective endurance training without endangering your health. This is exactly why we have given the F37 Treadmill an extra-wide 5-layer running belt in addition to the ultra-modern cushioning system. In this unbeatable combination you will experience extremely joint and above all knee-friendly cardio workouts of the next generation. This ensures you keep the stress as low as possible even during intensive training sessions, you feel as light as a feather & look forward to a healthy, fit future!

Fatigued? Not with the F37!

For an ambitious runner, there is nothing more difficult than to skip a session because the bones and joints feel ready to conk out with the constant downward pressure. So that this doesn't happen to you, the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F37 has an 8-zone cushioning system that reliably absorbs shocks and thus significantly reduces the impact energy. This benefits you by preventing symptoms of fatigue, it reduces the risk of injuries to muscles or joints and shortens the recovery time until the next workout.

This console is really fun.

Do you want to keep an eye on everything important during your workout on the professional F37 Treadmill? Then you're in luck! Because the integrated multimedia console now makes your training sessions more pleasant than ever: Play your favorite music over the high-quality stereo speakers. Choose from 12 varied programs for every fitness level. Let the wind blow around your ears with the smart ventilation system - or use the built-in hand heart rate monitor and heart rate strap compatibility for workouts in the optimal heart rate range.

Powerful and extremely quiet at the same time.

We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we hadn't given the F37 Treadmill a thrilling 7hp high-performance motor. This drives your speed up to a top spedd of 20km/h. The best thing about it is thanks to the use of the finest materials and the latest drive technology, your sports equipment always remains pleasantly quiet with a maximum noise output of 75 dB, leaving you to concentrate fully on your workout at any time of the day or night. Roommate or Neighbors? They won't hear you! It's the perfect home gym equipment!

Simplicity has a name: F37.

As you may have already noticed, we like it simple & uncomplicated. This is of course also evident in our products - such as the F37 Treadmill. Simple operation is a must for long fun with your home fitness equipment. Accordingly, the professional treadmill has a small, red oil tank at the rear end of the main frame. In a matter of seconds you fill in the appropriate silicone oil - and the F37 runs like clockwork again. Would you like that extra level of flexibility? Then you will like the integrated transport wheels!

Reach for the stars - with SPORTSTECH.

Everyone pursues their own goals in fitness training. Maybe you too want to aim very high. Regardless of whether it is the next 5km run or your first marathon - the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F37 is your ideal training partner - made possible by the fantastic incline angle of 15%, achieved by the extremely robust lowering motor. This means you can adjust the height of your running surface according to your wishes and have a significant influence on the intensity of your cardio training. Get on, adjust, start running!

F37 & much more - experience it live now!

Are you already enthusiastic about the countless features and smart functions of the F37 Treadmill, but would you like to do a test run before buying? Then just stop by one of our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich! Here you can put not only the F37, but many other products from our huge range through their paces - and who knows, maybe even a rowing machine, speed bike, cross trainer or a vibration plate will be added by the time you leave. We are looking forward to your visit!

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