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Marathon or Sprint? Well, both - on the F75 Treadmill!

Do you want to train like a real pro? Then today is your lucky day! Because the F75 Treadmill has everything you need for intense power workouts. Regardless of whether you want to increase your fitness, lose weight effectively or train for the next marathon - with a full 20km/h top speed, 18% incline and a maximum user weight of 200 kg, there are no limits. Pre-installed 12 + 1 programs easily drive you to new highs - and the best thing about it? The right heart rate belt is also included. It couldn't be more efficient.

The sky is the limit.

Two things are essential for treadmill workouts: individual setting options and maximum variety. After all, you don't want to just plod monotonously along. It's prefect then, that the Treadmill F75 reaches a breathtaking 20km/h. So you can not only master demanding endurance runs, but also highly intensive sprints. Need even more variable training fun? Then the incline angle of up to 18% will inspire you. From now on, mountain stages are part of your repertoire - and you can climb to new fitness levels.

Power workouts at the cutting edge.

Did you know that very small, seemingly unremarkable things can have an enormously positive influence on your training results - such as a heart rate belt? Why? Because the right heartbeat is essential to achieve various fitness goals. That's why we deliver the right heart rate belt to your SPORTSTECH Treadmill F75 at the same time. This connects wirelessly to your fitness equipment at home. This means you have your pulse in view at all times and can train more efficiently than ever.

F75 Treadmill - perfect every time.

At SPORTSTECH, we know that not everyone has the luxury of having their own home gym. That is why it was clear to us from the start that our home fitness equipment must be as compact as possible. The result is real fitness miracles like the F75 Treadmill with an intelligent quick fold system. Despite its extra-large running surface, you can fold your high-tech fitness partner smartly in just a few seconds. Then you simply push it on the integrated rollers and easily push it put of your way when you don't need it.

Make way- here comes the Treadmill F75!

At an unbelievable top speed of 20km/h, you can get down to business very quickly. We knew from the start that you need space to fully develop and to be able to train safely at all times. Accordingly, we have given the Treadmill F75 an extra-large running surface of 580 x 1600mm. This offers you a lot of space, maximum comfort and an all-round pleasant running feeling. The wide side treads round off the picture perfectly. This allows you to jump to the side easily and without risk in an emergency.

Let your feelings run free.

Do you know what is particularly beautiful about the SPORTSTECH Treadmill F75? That you walk like you're on clouds! This is made possible by the extremely high-quality, multi-layer running surface. This is not only extra wide, but we have also equipped it with a state-of-the-art, active damping system. In contrast to jogging in the great outdoors, vibrations are effectively absorbed and your body is relieved in a pleasant way. As a result, you benefit from an extremely joint and above all knee-friendly running guaranteeing training of the absolute top class.

Treadmill F75 - a real power pack.

We wouldn't be SPORTSTECH if we hadn't delved into our bag of tricks with the F75 Treadmill. Of course, we have also incorporated all of our know-how and concentrated expertise here. So it is not surprising that the high-end treadmill has an extremely powerful DC motor. This catapults you with fantastic 5 PS and up to 20km/h full speed in graded steps to a previously unknown fitness level. The highlight: Even with extensive power workouts, the motor always remains pleasantly quiet. Perfect for the home.

Variety guaranteed.

We all know that if you keep doing the same workout on the treadmill - at the same speed and at the same distance - you get bored quickly. The F75 Treadmill now puts an end to it! How? Very simple: With 12 preprogrammed programs for intensive interval runs or landscape modes on country roads, forest paths or through the city. Is that not enough for you? Then set your route, variable speeds as well as the incline and duration in advance in manual mode - or decide spontaneously during training!

Smart. Smarter. F75 Treadmill.

Have you ever longed for variety while running? No, we don't mean the speed, the incline or the distance. We mean your favorite music, your favorite series or your favorite film. You can enjoy all this on the SPORTSTECH F75 Treadmill while exercising - thanks to the interactive 15.6 “Android console. This is not only YouTube-ready, but also has WiFi access as well as modern USB and AUX connections. This is how you experience endless training fun.

A think tank in the heart of Berlin.

Since our foundation, the name SPORTSTECH has stood for groundbreaking features, stylish designs on the cutting edge and outstanding quality that inspires everyone immediately. Our huge, international team of sports scientists, product managers and designers work every day to consistently present you with the latest product innovations. At our main location in the heart of Berlin, we create the latest trends and let ourselves be inspired by the creativity, diversity and variety of the pulsating metropolis.

Do the F75 Treadmill test!

Are you already blown away and can hardly wait for the first workout on your Treadmill F75? Still, do you want to do a test run first? No problem! This is exactly why we launched our brand stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Munich! Just come by and put not only the F75 Treadmill through its paces, but also our other treadmills, such as the F10, F31, F37, FX300 or FX3 Pro. Looking for something else? Then take a look at our speed bikes, rowing machines, cross trainers, multi-gyms or vibration plates. All of this and much more is just waiting to be discovered by you! We are looking forward to your visit.

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