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DFT100 Office Treadmill

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The new DFT100 Office Treadmill - Dynamic Work-Life Balance

Have you been looking for a way to make your daily work more active? Then you feel like many employees - free time is short and the hours at the desk are long. But with the DFT100 Office Treadmill in super slim design, work can now be revolutionized: simply use it under the desk for additional exercise during the day. With a running speed of up to 8km/h, the simple LED display and the foldable handrail, the SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100 is a real all-rounder.

Get Started Easily - Without Assembly!

Fitness equipment at home often requires a lot of time and patience - and that's just setting it up! Not so with the SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100, because with this smart treadmill, time-consuming assembly is a thing of the past. Just screw on the handle and start walking! This way, you are sure not to waste valuable time and instead concentrate fully on improving your fitness and health. This takes comfort in the home gym to a new level!

Productive Work: DFT100 Office Treadmill

Do you know the feeling of not being 100 percent focused after a few hours in the office? Running training while you work is not only doing something good for your muscles, but also for your brain! Due to the constant movement, the brain gets more blood and absorbs more oxygen - this ensures greater concentration and correspondingly greater productivity work. At the same time, running on the SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100 strengthens your back and promotes endurance. This is how productivity is redefined in everyday work!

Favorite Workout Playlist via Bluetooth

Whether the right music really revs you up, or you need the support of your power playlist for the final stretch - we designed the integrated DFT100 Treadmill Bluetooth compatibility to make all this possible! The built-in speakers provide you with powerful audio while you train, because we know that your favorite music can motivate your body and mind to perform at their best. Simply connect your smart device to the speaker of the Office Treadmill DFT100 via Bluetooth and continuously reach new fitness goals!

DFT100 Office Treadmill - with App Control

Smart devices have become a basic and practical part of our lives. In order to give you as many options as possible for an individual, varied workout, we have developed the truly smart DFT100 Office Treadmill, conveniently controlled with the Fitshow app. But the app offers a lot more: run virtually impressive traning routes with the Street View function and keep a constant overview of important data such as training time, distance and calories burned.

Everything Under Control

The small but powerful handy remote control ensures you always have your SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100 under your control. With the compact remote you can operate your treadmill very easily, regardless of whether you want to start, stop or adjust the running speed. To keep your hands free and allow you to concentrate exclusively on your workout, the DFT100 Office Treadmill boasts an extra holder for the remote control. We at SPORTSTECH have thought of everything to give you the best possible comfort!

Bottle Holder for Intensive Training

Do you sweat to give your all to your cardiotraining? Then of course you should always have your water bottle to hand in order to quickly compensate for the fluid loss during an intensive workout. Directly attached to the handle of the DFT100 Office Treadmill, is a bottle holder, meaning you no longer have to interrupt your running session. So you get tp push yourself to new fitness successes in a focused manner while being reminded to stay hydrated - just as comfortable as the gym.

Ultra Slim Design

A lot of home fitness equipment has one thing in common - they take up a lot of space and they can't be stowed away compactly. Not so with treadmills from SPORTSTECH, because it is vital to us that our products truly serve our customer's traning needs. That is why the Office Treadmill DFT100 is designed to be ultra-slim and, with a height of only 14 cm, even fits under most sofas when folded - simply fold down the handlebar and stow it away compactly.

Like Nothing Else Seen

More flexible than ever: If you prefer to store your SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100 upright, then no problem at all. Simply lift the treadmill, which weighs only 28 kg, push it to the desired location with the help of the transprt wheels and unfold the handy footstand. Your fitness equipment is now in a sturdy, vertical position and can be easily stowed behind or next to a piece of furniture. Your DFT100 Office Treadmill is sure to find a place where it doesn't bother anyone - cleverly and quickly stowed even in the smallest of spaces!

Walk or Sprint? Everything Possible!

Speed ​​is of course an elementary aspect of running training. With the DFT100 Office Treadmill, we have developed an all-rounder that ideally supports you in all training environments. Whether relaxed walking in the office to stimulate the brain or quick sprints at home - with the office treadmill you can run at speeds between 0.8 to 8km/h, according to your preferences. This training experience is made possible by the powerful motor that drives the Office Treadmill DFT100 both efficiently and quietly - offering you a more active everyday life!

Extra Quiet - the DFT100 Office Treadmill

Particularly in the office, most people want peace and quiet in order to concentrate on their work. Are you worried that your workout on the SPORTSTECH Office Treadmill DFT100 will disturb your colleagues? No need! This modern device is incredibly quiet at just 55 dB, so no need to worry about the working environment when you discover active work on the treadmill for yourself. In addition, you will surely quickly convince your work colleagues of the many advantages as you continuously increase your productivity at work.

Minimalistic & Smart with LED Display

The intelligent LED display of the DFT100 not only looks great, it also shows you all your training values ​​at a glance. Positioned at the front end of the treadmill, you can easily read the distance covered, training time, speed and your calories burned. Allow yourself full control over your workout - whether you want to improve your endurance, improve your concentration with exercise or achieve a larger calorie deficit. We at SPORTSTECH support you with the DFT100 Office Treadmill!

DFT100 Office Treadmill: Active work

The Under Desk Treadmill DFT100 has everything you need to optimize your work-life balance: It's time to discover how it feels like to combine work with training by testing one out on one of our Brand Stores. Just visit our shops in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Munich and convince yourself of our innovative treadmills. Do you have yet more stamina and would like to expand your workout routine with effective full-body training? Then our rowing machines RSX400, RSX500 or the smart water rowing machine WRX700 are the right thing for you! Just try them out in any Brand Store or buy them online right here.

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